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Letter of Support from New York State Assemblyman William Magnarelli

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Letter of Support from Assemblyman William Magnarelli

 I am writing in support of the workers at Communication Service for the Deaf ("CSD") in Syracuse who are seeking to organize and join the Communications Workers of America ("CWA"). As a member of the NYS Assembly, I strongly support the right of workers to unionize and collectively bargain. I respectfully request that management in this effort respect these rights. 

CSD Telecommunications Relay Service Operators provide an essential service for d/Deaf and hard of hearing individuals allowing them to get essential information and communicate with others. This work helps to fulfill CSD's mission to provide opportunities for the d/Deaf and hard of hearing communities. 

I have been informed that the workers at CSD have formed a union, CWA-CSD Workers United, and are now seeking legal recognition for the opportunity to collectively bargain. Issues the workers are raising are fair wages, job security and a voice in the workplace. 

Again, I respectfully request that management respect the right of their employees to organize and collectively bargain. To ensure a free and fair election, I urge management to sign a neutrality agreement and recognize the union upon verification by an independent third party that a majority of workers have signed union authorization cards. Management should not create obstacles to a fair process and respect the rights granted by State and federal law to these workers. 

I thank you for your attention to this matter and hope this election is carried out in a cooperative and fair manner. 


Very truly yours, 

William B. Magnarelli 

Member, NYS Assembly 

129th District