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Vision Statement

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CWA-CSD Workers United Vision Statement

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As Communication Assistants at CSD, we provide an essential service for the d/Deaf and the hard of hearing. However, we are not given the respect that we deserve. We are underpaid and generally mistreated in the workplace. We saw the way CSD laid off CapTel workers, with no severance pay and no advance notice before taking away their livelihood. While there is nothing we can do now for those who were laid off, we can protect ourselves. When we are taken care of in our jobs, we can better serve the d/Deaf and hard of hearing communities. We are organizing for a collective voice and a seat at the table through a legally binding union contract.

What We're Organizing For:

  • A fair and living wage with regular raises.
  • A legally-binding contract that clearly defines our terms and conditions of employment and protects us from changes at the whim of management.
  • A viable way to save for retirement.
  • Transparency and fairness in management's decision-making processes.
  • Consistent upkeep of technology and fixing broken equipment.
  • Maintaining a hygienic and safe working environment.
  • Affordable health and dental insurance.
  • Comprehensive training.
  • Greater schedule flexibility.
  • Financial security and job security.

In 2020 CSD CEO Christopher Soukup was compensated $369,104 and CSD had a total net income of $1,011,859, 93.6% of which came from program services. CSD can afford to give us a larger piece of the money that we make for them. We as Communication Assistants are the backbone of the company: without us, CSD couldn’t thrive. We hope that they will not waste resources trying to suppress our union and will instead do the right thing and voluntarily recognize CWA-CSD Workers United.



Abi Marin

Andrew Ortiz

Andrew Smith

Ashley O’Bryan

Chelsea Bigelow

Cristen Miller

Erica Lundquist

Evelynn Heart

Heather LeDoux

Hiroo Kajita

Josh Gubbins

Karly Stacy

Katelyn Evans

Keesha Wright

Linda Martin

Mac Carden

Mallin Riddle

Marshell Love

Patricia Rewick

Paula Russo

Rachel Dattler

Rob Hicks

Ruth Landherr

Sean Geerholt

Tina Underwood

Tontionna Taylor

Wolf Camacho

Drew Jeske

Julia Kinel

Natalie Hoeck

Scott St. John

Adam Miller

Joseph Nichols